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BOB Standard Chin Nationals

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Best of Breed at Standard Chinchilla Nationals.

Hutchinson, Ks

April 12, 2014

Judge: Jody Rosnik

Owner: Janay Lyon

October, November & December 2013

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President's Message

Greetings again from the cold mountains of West Virginia!
Just a quick note to say thank you to those of you who attended the 2013 ARBA convention in Harrisburg. A heart felt congratulations to both open and youth winners of BOB and BOSB along with all class of winners. Special thanks goes out to our ARBA judge Paul Jurgelonis who judged our breed this convention. I personally apologize for my minimal availability while at convention, as I was at the ARBA Registrar's Table most of the time along with tending to my rabbits and those I was responsibe for.
It was my pleasure to see so many members at our annual business meeting while at convention. I think things were accomplished and issues were discussed. Everyone in attendence was given the opportunity to speak their mind.
I want to welcome Ron Keen II from Michigan,as a newly elected director within the ranks of our club, and a special welcome back to Pat Gest, as our secretary/treasurer and Gerald McMahon as out director by special appoitment. 
I am happy to see, hear and report that our membership is starting to grow. I wish to WELCOME ALL NEW members in open and youth. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions as we welcome your input and suggestions. I think now that Mr. Ron Keen, our new director, who at the annual meeting, has been assigned and authorized to wrie for the ARBA Domestic Rabbit magazine on behalf of our organization. I thought that by getting those articles in the DR will help promote the club in the long run. If anyone has any contributions for consideration to be published in the DR contact me or Mr. Keen.
Personally, I am pushing the youth membership. I posted on Facebook that for every Standard Chin I sell to youth breeder I will include a one year membership  to the ASCRBA. This will help expand the horizon of the club in the youth department. As I strongly believe, today's youth are the future and backbone of this organization and breed.
As mentioned before, we still would like to hear from both open and youth breeders and ask that you submit to me a breeder profile that we may publish in the next newsletter.
On another positive note, the long awaited 2013 Guidebook for our club has been approved, printed and should be included with this newsletter. Special thanks to those of you who contributed to make the guidebook a success. Kudos go out to Allen and Tammy Bush for making the project happen and following through with it. We have talked about it for a couple of years and now it has become reality. GREAT JOB AND THANK YOU!! FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!
Once again, I am looking for qualified canidates for the ARBA Standards Commitee for our breed. If anyone is interested in serving, please email me and provide me with your phone number. I will be in contact and appoit this commitee NOW. We missed the deadline last year so I do not want that to happen this year as well.
Well I guess thats enough rambling from me for now. Lets prepare our chins for our Standard Chinchilla Nations coming up April 12-13 to be held in Hutchinson, Kansas. Our loyal VP Ken Wilson will be heading that event. If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to call me at 304-832-6145 or my cell 732-347-0705. I hope to have some open and youth profiles to submit soon. Lets get those Std Chins on the table. I also want to hear about any Best in Show or Reserve in Show Chins. Lets get you and those rabbits recognized.
Steaphen T, Pappas

Vice President's Message

The Spring National is coming up this April 12&13, 2014 in Hutchinson, Ks. The headquarters hotel is Budget Host at 15 West 4th at 1-620-663-1211, the room rates are $45 for a single and $55 for a double room with a hot breakfast, just ask for the rabbit special rate. The banquet will be Saturday night at the hotel for $15. There will be a BBQ Friday night when checking in for a small fee at the barn. We also have Californians coming with us on Saturday, with Conall Addison judging the Chins for us. I've been trying to get this done for the last week but haven't felt up to it, but if anyone has questions feel free to call me. We are trying to get a double show on Saturday and the single show on Sunday so everyone can hit the road early.

Director's Message 

Hi everyone,
Hope everyone had it home safely after a great Marcs/Pa./ARBA Convention is PA.
People I talked to had a good time and were amazed how much seating and tables were available.
A great tribute to the show committee.
Since the convention we have been very very busy preparing for the cold weather.
The weekend of Nov 9th 7 10th we attended a triple show in Lebanon, PA on Saturday Nov 9th a single show had a total of 20 Std Chins by six breeders.
On Sunday a double show was hosted by the MARCS committee in Show A, our family had BOS with a Sr Buck and in Show B the Sr Buck was BOB and our grandson's Jr Doe was BOS.
Std Chin people present were the Callahan's, James Brown, John&Dawn Ployhooy, the Rush and McMahon families.

Have a good day,
Gerald McMahon

Director's Message

The exciting news from this area comes from being awarded the bid for the 2015 ARBA Convention "Bring Your Best to the Northwest" will be held in Portland, Oregon, from Oct 31-Nov 3, 2015.
My leg is still in the process of healing so I haven't been doing much. My roof needs the pine needles blown off again, but I don't dare go up there. I could never live it down if I did and fell off again!! I was lucky that my leg was the only thing I broke. I sent somechins down to Washington State Fair in Sept and luckily Dave Flink was able to be there to handle them. I was able to make it to the Evergreen RBA Double show in November and stayed for both shows. It was good to see everyone again and I was able to finally get some rabbits registered.
Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and keeps their buns warm.
Just me,
Nancy Chaussee

Director's Message

With the holiday season quickly approaching it marks the end to hopefully a successful 2013 for you and your Std Chins. On Nov 23rd and 24th the Michigan Rabbit Breeder's Assoc ended their show year with the Fall convention show. There were two shows on Saturday the 23rd with 38 Std CHins in Open for Show A, with Kaitlyn Keen taking BOB and BOS. In open show B 28 Standard Chins were shown with Kaitlyn Keen taking BOB, and Cameron Keen taking BOS. On Sunday November 24th Show C saw 9 Standard Chins with Mark and Lalonnie Kopfman taking BOB and Janelle Dixon taking BOS.
I would like to take this oppurtunity to ask members for some help. If there is any news or information that you would like in the Domestic Rabbit for our club, please pass it along so it can be worked into our news article.
Happy Holidays,
Ronald Keen II

Secretay's/Treasurer's Message

First, Chuck and I want to wish everyone a healthy and happy Holiday season. Hope you finally got over the summer flying fur syndrome. We had to clean our fans off almost every three days otherwise we were afraid the motors would burn out with all the weight of the fur clogging the motors.
I want to personally thank Karen Callahain for helping with writing the comment cards for the Std Chins at convention. I know she had a lot to do as a committee member and really appreciate her helping out.
Another shout out goes to Allen & Tammy Bush for the tremendous job they did with the new Guidebook. It looks great and they secured several ads to help pay the expenses of printing it.
Later in this newsletter you will find information on the 2014 National Std Chinchilla show in Hutchinson, KS. Ken and Shirley Wilson put a lot of time and effort into hosting this show every year and they need the support of every Chin breeder that can make it there. Usually is a fun show and enjoyed by everyone who attends. Its a little out of the way for the hotels, etc. but worth the time and effort.
If anyone wants to start a new Std Chin club in affiliation with the national breed club all you have to do is have at least five active members in good standing, $10 registration fee and a list of of the officers in teh club. Then you will be able to host a National Standard Chin show at least every other year and a club show once a year not a national show. You can have it along with other speciality shows which gets more entries for eveyone.
Have sent a check to Allen & Tammy Bush for the expenses incurred with the Guidebook. They came way under the monies alloted for the new guidebook. I have also written the payback checks for those showing at Conevntion and everything will be incuded in the mailing of this newsletter. There will be only one guidebook sent to each household so that we wil have more available for new members of years.
Last but not least I want to thank everyone who sat in the booth and sold raffle tickets, gave out info on the club and just enjoyed talking with members who they haven't seen in some time. Tha sales were fairly good and we make most of the expense for next year's booth from the sales.
Will close for now and get this into the mail.

July, August & September

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President's Message

As the summer starts to wind down, except for those youth who are homeschooled, the youth are back in school. Don't forget, its most important to maintain those good grades, bring home the A's and B's for your parents to marvel over but most important, bring them home for yourselves. That way you could possibly enhance your chances of attending the ARBA Convention in Harrisburg, PA this October. As we all know, convention is right around the corner. We should be in the process of picking the best we have to present to the judges at convention. Sometimes its not an easy task. personally bring about three or four rabbits for each breed that wish to enter I try to select the best types animal, then I take a look at condition as I go down the SOP for each breed. So lets see those Chins on the table this year. Am sure Karen Callahan, Alan n' Tammy Bush, John Pickooey, myself and all of us East Coast Breeders are looking forward to some fun and exciting competition against some of the best breeders in the USA.

Meanwhile I am excited about convention. Since this will be the last newsletter before convention, I ask if anyone has any comments or suggestions that need to be brought up at the annual membership meeting or placed on the agenda, please let me or one of our directors know.

The last I heard, thanks to Alan Bush and his wife Tammy, our guidebook is underway. Once finished it will be distributed to the membership upon release.

Also, I wish to welcome all new members to our association. i thank you personally for making our club stringer. I also wish to thank those of you who recently viewed with us.

Once again, if anyone has any questions, comments or concerns about our Standard Chin Club, please do not hesitate to give me a call or email me at

I will close for now and look forward to seeing, hopefully, many of you at the ARBA Convention.


Stephen T. Pappas


Vice President's Message

I wanted to share the summber heat with the rest of the USA, but we sent from extreme drought to flooding but now its pushing the temperature up to triple digits again. The Colo. State Fair was August 24 &25, so I came home Thursday from work and did chores then started loading rabbits. Didn't know the heat had already did its number on the fur, so I moved the juniors up to seniors and started going through the barn to see which young ones had the coat in or about in. I'm glad George didn't buy the buck I took to Indy for him two years ago although he was in a full molt but that buck has sired a bunch of winners including the one senior doe that won both shows in June at Wichita and both shows at the CSF and Reserve in Show B.

Back to the business at hand, the guidebook was put in a binder so all we had to do was add or subtract pages without redoing the whole thing. So all we need to do is add some new articles, if anyone wants to add any, or pictures if anyone has some to put into the guidebook. I will admit, its hard to find a three ring binder to fit the smaller sheets so if somebody wanted to find some and bring them to PA, with a good looking Chin on the cover, of course.

Until next time,

Ken Wilson


Director's Message

I just returned home from the Allentown Fair where my Standard Chin S. Buck won BEST IN SHOW! I think this is the first BEST IN SHOW we as a family have ever won!!!

Hope to see you all in Pennsylvania.

Jerry McMahon



Director's Message

Only a couple shows in the last few months for us because of the heat and blown out fur. Although, at the May 18th show in Bartow, Fl Jessica took BEST IN SHOW. Thats her seconf in the last three years. Very proud of that. We just had a litter with a nice doe that has fantastic fur. The sire is Harry Potter, which took BOB at the ARBA Nationals in Indy a couple years ago. So with his body and her fur, WATCH OUT!!! Gonna be some good Chins in a couple months!!

Thanks to Alan & Tammy Bush for all the work they are doing to get the new guidebook out to rpint. If anyone has any suggestions, please let them know. Also, there is going to be spaces for ads if anyone wants to post their rabbitry out there. With the ARBA Convention coming up, I hope the Chins have a good turn out. We are trying to get there, but still kind of up in the air at this time.

We had a couple members stay with us over the summber a few days again this year to do the 'tourist' thing..Ashley Felton, Washington Statr and Stephen Pappas from West Virginia. It was nice to see them and hopefully they can get back this way again.

Thats about it for now and I hope to see everyone in PA.

George Mathis



Secretary-Treasurer's Message

Balance in the checking account as of August 31, 2013 is $10,297.45

I have been asked by several members if we have a banquet. No, we are so few at convention and most of us have other breeds that we have so many things pulling us in different firections that a banquet is not possible. Usually if anyone has the time and we want to we usually find a nice place to eat and enjoy each other's company for a few hours away from convention.

We usually all bring a few things to the raffle table. We have $1 tickets, 3 tickets for $1 or 20 for $5. This is our money maker for the convention booth and expenses. If anyone is there we usually sit for a few hours and sell tickets or visit each other. I am bringing the tablecloths, bags, markers and raffle items. If anyone wants to help set up the booth I am will be there last Friday afternoon.

Our meeting is scheduled for Sunday, Oct 20 at 9:30am in the Susquehanna Room at Convention. Stephen Pappas has arranged for a speaker to be there with samples of his product and handout literature. I will be publishing this in the next newsletter for anyone who could not make the meeting or convention.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. Results are in the newsletter later on.

Until next time,



Reserve in Show Win!

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RIS Std Chin owned and bred by Kenny Wilson

April, May, June 2013 Officer's Notes

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President's Message

Greetings once again from the mountains of West Virginia!

The Fall Show Season is starting to wind down. We had some great showings of Standard Chins this season. I want to personally thank Kim Hilty and her staff for the GREAT National Show she and her club, Great Lakes Standard Chin Club, put on.

Congratulations to the Open Best of Breed winner Tom Berger as he landed the win with a super Chin Jr Doe ear #48A. Also, congratulations to Kaitlynn Keen for landing Best Opposite Sex with a Senior Buck ear #4. Congrats to other first place winners which went to Patricia Tarman.

Congratulations to our Youth Exhibitors as well, Emmy Mack took Best of Breed and Best Opposite honors with her senior buck ear #E22. BOB and ear #E23 with her senior doe. Congrats to our other first place class winner Rylan Glunt. Keep up the GREAT WORK KIDS as you are the backbone of our Great American Standard Chinchilla Rabbit Club. Keep producing those super looking rabbits!

I must say, I was a bit disapointed that I did not hear back from the membership regarding contacting me so I can put you on the email list. You may still email me at:
Please write to me. I would also like to hear from members about their experiance in raising Standard Chins and how you are doing on the show table. I would like to publish a member profile or two in the newsletter. That way we can all get to know each other a little better. Youth are encouraged to submit a profile along with your thoughts on improving the breed as a whole and your phone number in case I have any questions. This is a way that you will become known throughout the Standard Chin membership circle.

I think that this summer is gonna be a HOT ONE!!! All over the United States so remember to keep those rabbits cool the best you can. if you only have a few think about bringing them inside your house so they don't become cooked roasted rabbits. I lost a few to the heat last year, it was not good.

Don't forget to get those Chins ready for the ARBA Convention in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We are really hoping we will have an excellant turn out. So lets get those juniors and seniors on the table.

I would like to welcome John Plokhooy from Pennsylvania and Anita Trautwein from New York, Damion Kadlec and Wyatt LaRue, new youth members from West Virginia to our club. I am sorry if I missed welcoming you, but welcome to all the new members of our club. If you are new, please feel free to introduce yourself to me and let me know that you now belong.

Well I guess that is enough for now, I will close by saying keep them chins on the table and I hope to see you at Convention in October, if not sooner.

Stephen T. Pappas, president
American Standard Chinchilla Rabbit Clun
Alderson, West Virginia

Vice President's Message

We have been checking with club members and other Chin members across the country, including the New Zealand Club in MO which is in Sedelia, MO. I also found out that the last time we had the Nationals in Sedelia, we did not have any liability insurance coverage, so with this sais and done we are keeping the Nationals in Hutchinson, KS where we have insurance plus a Chin judge coming with the California people. THere are not any judges available to us to use in MO so we have two good judges to use for Saturday and Sunday shows.

I hear the Great Lakes Club had a good show and congratulations to all the winners. We had a local show here that I am involved with and we didn't make it back to Ohio. Hopefully we will be able to make it to Pennsylvania this fall.


Secretary-Treasurer's Message

Another show season is winding down for most of the country. Hopefully so will the storm season in the Midwest. So far I haven't heard any of the members having any difficulties so no news is good news. 

The ballots will be going out in about six weeks so be sure to mark them AS SOON AS YOU GET THEM so that they are not forgotten and too late to vote with. Nancy Chaussee has afreed to count them this year and will give her address on the ballot for returning them to her.

We have had a lot of interest in new members joining since the last newsletter and hopefully they will stay excited about our "Granddaddies" as we are.

Our Treasury is in great shape, plenty of money for our new Guidebook which our President is starting to get on to. Our balance as of the last statement is $9,933.01 for April's statement. May's should be around the same figures.

If anyone is interested in starting up a Std Chin member clun like Great Lakes or Midwest Std Chin all they have to do is give me 5 member names for officers and $10 a year. This is a yearly fee and requirement and they will be able to have one show a year of Std Chins. Either a National show of a local show in conjunction with another show or two. 

Will close this not for this issue of the newsletter..Until next time




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